TitheTimeApp was created to provide transparency for donations to church and other not-for-profit* organizations. 

TitheTime grants donors the option to choose how their weekly (daily or one time) gift is distributed at churches and organizations that, many times, are seeking to raise multiple funds all at once.  Donors can see how they have distributed their accrued  donations, in real-time.


1. TitheTimeApp grants churches and other not-for-profit* organizations clarity of reporting back to congregations with real-time information on how donations are being allocated. 

2. Churches can use the daily reports to create and update financial projections and quickly present a new fund to the congregation.

3. The donation method uses well known and trusted electronic transfer systems like Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Wallet, while adding new and simple tools and reports that enhance the donation process.

Let us demonstrate how TitheTimeApp    can work with your church or not-for-profit* organization to increase transparency and make donating more efficacious. 

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*501(c)(3) & 501(c)